Paula's Bio

Paula is an actor/musician currently residing in Vancouver, BC.

A natural performer, Paula has been seeking out the spotlight in some form all of her life: singer/songwriter, TV host, radio personality, bluegrass bass player, theatre actor...whatever it takes to stay busy and creative!

After returning to the beautiful city of Vancouver, Paula has been working hard to renew her career in front of the camera; training with James Kot and Jeb Beach, and acting in student and independent films whenever she gets the chance. Equal parts fiery intensity and goofy quirkiness, Paula brings a wealth of life experience into her search for the truth of every character she plays.

In her spare time, she sings and plays bass in the roots/country band  The Anti-Fogmatics, and enjoys performing solo as her alter ego Sparky Spurr.



Paula Spurr's award-winning performance as a lonely real estate agent will soon be available to a much wider audience--Michael Vidler's MINE has been picked up for distribution by DirecTV! 


"The performances are outstanding, particularly from the main antagonist who manages to come off as both deranged and sympathetic. She can easily pass for a mess and later as a charming and well-adjusted individual, yet we can still envision the madness within the cracks."

-Enrico Wood, Oaxaca Film Fest's Curator



"It's a thought-provoking show full of grey areas...Paula Spurr's Jessica is the perfect First Lady to Be, assertive and glamourous."

-Fun! Fun! Vancouver

"There is fine work from others...Paula Spurr does nice work in her supporting role."

-Vancouver Presents

Paula Spurr can be contacted through her agency:
Lissa Lloyd
Lloyd Talent
t.604 589-7559